Woodstock Brewery


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True Brew Appreciation

The craft beer industry is growing fast, with a great and varied selection available to our local market. With so much choice out there, the true path to beer appreciation is through the extremely enjoyable tasting experience that has become a hobby to many an enthusiast.

As one of the largest and most celebrated craft breweries in the Western Cape, we offer informative tastings with a tour of our brewery situated in Woodstock, Cape Town. Tastings on our tours are usually done straight from the tanks, and gives guests an opportunity to meet our incredibly talented local brewers, whose love and passion for their craft truly shines through in all five of our Woodstock Brewery brews currently available.

The secret to beer tasting is engaging your senses. It is usually advised that you should observe a brew that you are sampling by holding it up to the light – is it cloudy or clear? There are so many differentiations in the brews; it is interesting to note the differences. Look at the head of your beer, is it dense or thin? The colour of the head can range from pure white on a Pilsner to light and even medium brown on some stout brews.

Undoubtedly, the best, most enjoyable and most important part is tasting the beer, and it should be savoured. Take a sip and note the initial sensation you feel. Take your time to explore the intricate flavours that have been so meticulously crafted.

As you taste each brew you will notice the true potential for complexity in a beer. Our Pale Ale is malty and medium bodied, while you will taste hints of citrus in our popular Californicator brew. Our German Pilsner, aptly named Happy Pills, will leave you with a slightly spicy aroma and a crisp hop finish. The Wit Beer is a complex treat brewed with fresh orange and coriander. Appreciate the lingering zing and relish the tincture that remains when tasting our growing range of brews.

After enjoying a leisurely tasting and tour of Woodstock Brewery, we suggest our guests head upstairs to The Woodstock Grill & Tap for a tasty bite and your new found favourite Woodstock Brewery beer. For those of you who would like to sample our brews but don’t have time for a tour, tasting trays are available from Woodstock Grill & Tap for your convenience.

Contact Woodstock Brewery directly to book a taste and tour adventure for the senses today.